How to prioritize your SEO work on existing content

Let Google Search Console prioritize the pages for you!

You will need to have registered your site on Search Console

If you have not done so, go here and do it now

First, ensure you are logged in to a Google account that has access to the site in Search Console

Your site pages sorted by order of quick wins

-Get your site pages by order of easiest / quickest wins.
These are the pages to concentrate on, by order of quickest / easiest wins

  1. Copy this into a text document :[null,[[null,null,null,90]],null,[[null,6,[“WEB”]]],null,[1,2,3,4],2,0,null,[3]]
  2. Replace with the full domain name including http:// or https:// and copy paste into the address bar of your browser.
  3. Hit “Return”

You should see something like this

Click on “Download”.
You now have a CSV file of the list of pages by order of quickest / easiest wins.-