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Brand Authority*
"Foxs Biscuits"

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Brand Authority*
Foxs Biscuits

Foxs Biscuits

Foxs Biscuits
Foxs Biscuits
Credibility* 69/100
Understanding* 76/100
Brand Authority * 72/100

Foxs Biscuits - Company

Fox's Biscuits is a British biscuit manufacturer, founded by the Fox family in a terrace house, 17 Whitaker Street, Batley in West Yorkshire in 1853.

Foxs Biscuits

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Brand Authority for Foxs Biscuits = 72%
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Brand Authority * % of Brands in this slice
0 to 10 2.62% Very Very Low
10 to 20 28.69% Very Low
20 to 30 29.73% Low
30 to 40 2.65% Acceptable
40 to 50 1.46% Good
50 to 60 1.31% Very Good
60 to 70 0.82% Excellent
70 to 80 0.66% Leading Pack
80 to 90 0.33% Leading Brand
90 to 100 0.04% No Comment :) brand authority scores are updated on the first day of every month.
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