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Masterworks is an investment platform that allows anyone to invest in shares of contemporary artworks.

Masterworks owns over 200 pieces of fine art from modern artists such as Banksy and Andy Warhol.

Masterworks offers a straightforward investment product that's easy to understand and facilitates investing in the kinds of art previously available only to very wealthy investors.

To become a member, you may request an invitation and complete a phone interview. Masterworks does not require you to be an accredited investor to get started.

Masterworks charges a 1.5% annual management fee, plus the company takes 20% of any profits from an artwork's sale. Individual investors are limited to owning no more than 10% of an individual work of art. You can make money on Masterworks after you've completed a certain holding period, which typically is 3 to 7 years. Masterworks sells the blue-chip paintings, and any profits that were made from the sale are divided up among the painting's investors.

Industry: Arts & Entertainment > Visual Art & Design

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New York City, US
2 Feb 2024

New York City, US
2 Feb 2024


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Masterworks (Company)

Masterworks Advisers LLC is an American financial services company that specializes in the Art Investment market. Traditionally, Masterworks will buy a piece of art and file it to the SEC as a Public offering, the company will then sell shares of the art on their website for varying costs.
  • Founded : 2017

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