Knowledge Panel Definition

What is a knowledge panel?

You’ll see the knowledge panel on the right hand side of search results pages in Google. They appear when you search for entities (people, places, organisations, things) and contain information about the query that Google considers to be ‘fact’.
The information shown in knowledge panels is taken from Google’s Knowledge Graph, so we could call them knowledge graph panels. Importantly, what information is included in Google’s Knowledge Graph (and therefore the knowledge panels) is determined by an algorithm and is completely automatic (machine-driven). the Knowledge Graph cannot be directly edited by anyone inside or outside Google.

Further Information

Knowledge panels show the name of the entity and then, depending on the information Google has in it’s Knowledge Graph : photos, description, social media profiles, related entities…

Common Misconceptions

Featured Snippets Disguised as Knowledge Panels

Sometimes Google places a featured snippet on the right hand side. This looks like a knowledge panel, but is in fact simply information from a website that provides an answer.
How to spot this? The featured snippet doesn’t have the share icon, whereas the knowledge panel does.

Wikipedia and Knowledge Panels

A great deal of the information shown in knowledge panels is drawn from Wikipedia which leads to the commonly held misconception that the two are closely linked – that knowledge panels depend on Wikipedia. Although having a Wikipedia page helps to get into the Knowledge Graph which in turn triggers a knowledge panel, it is not necessary – as explained in this article on Search Engine Journal.

Local Knowledge Panels

Local knowledge panels (Google My Business) is not a knowledge panel. Although it shows information about an entity (a local business), the information is not pulled from the Knowledge Graph, it is pulled from Google My Business listing that is controlled by the business itself. These are essentially business profiles. Find out more about that here

Tracking Knowledge Panels

If you want to track the knowledge panel for yourself (Person), your company, your products or your events… will track these 3 things for your brand

  1. Your knowledge panel (and what information appears in it)
  2. Your presence in Google’s Knowledge Graph
  3. Your entire Brand SERP (the whole page that people see when they Google YOUR brand name)

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