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The rise of Answer Engine Optimization: Why voice search matters

More than two decades later, we still talk about optimizing for the likes of Google and Bing as ‘SEO’. The tactics may have evolved, the landscape may have changed, but the overarching principles remain the same – right? According to Chee Lo, Head of SEO at Trustpilot, and Jason Barnard, SEO consultant at, search engine optimization is no longer the only game in town. Read more >>

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The Key to the Future of SEO / AEO – Understanding and Credibility

When someone searches on Google (or Bing), they are expressing a problem they are seeking to solve, or a question they need the correct answer to. The "raison d'être" of Google and Bing has always been to guide their users quickly and simply to the best available result. With the rise of voice search, Google and Bing increasingly rely upon understanding and credibility to provide the one, single, best solution. What should you be doing to take advantage? Read more >>

SEMrush Schema Markup for Companies

SEMrush - Schema Markup for Companies

How to write great structured Schema markup for your company Read more >>

Ecommerce Nation - Google Shopping

Ecommerce Nation - Google Shopping

The 6 Key Points of a Profitable Google Shopping Campaign Read more >>

Long Term SEO

E-commerce Nation

3 Long-Term SEO Strategies you can Implement Today Read more >> on Wikipedia on Wikipedia

2017-04-24, a proactive ORM service for online brands Read more >>

SEMrush UK Review Platforms

SEMrush - UK Review Platforms

Paid UK Review Platforms: Which is the Right Choice for SEO? Read more >>

Searchmetrics ORM quote

Searchmetrics Whitepaper

Online Reputation Management: Managing online brand experience through Search and Content Optimization Read more >>

Jason Barnard Search Marketing Consultant developer

Jason Barnard, search marketing consultant Read more >> on Cruncbase on Cruncbase

The status of this product is "Live". Categories: SEO, Reputation Read more >>