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Creating Content for the REAL Long Tail
#SEOisAEO with Tim Suolo at #searchsummitau

I am very curious about his name, given that he is from Ukraine (I think). He cites Arnold Schwarz-a-thingy. The onto more serious matters - starting with a definition of 'Long tail keyword' (we mostly get the definition wrong, by the way). Long tail does not refer to the number of words in a query, and Tim proves it. Interestingly, some one word queries have very small search volume. Which ones? In short 'if the query is long it doesn't necessarily have low search volume and vice versa'. Then, 90% of content on the web gets no traffic from Google. We are producing a lot of content for no payback. Another misconception is that the page ranking #1 in Google for a given keyword gets most organic traffic. Not true. Tim gives a brilliant explanation. I then ask a brilliant question (Tim's words , not mine :) This encourages him to give an amazing example of content for ranking, clicks and conversions (the dream !) Tim then states that user signals are super influential on ranking, whatever Google says. Finally, we exchange quotes about simplicity in writing... and Tim wins with the best ever quote from a French philosopher.

Release date Tuesday 9 July 2019

Tim Suolo

Tim Suolo

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