BrightonSEO - April 2019

E-A-T – the how, the why and the what to do ! #SEOisAEO with Lily Ray at #BrightonSEO

John Bonham, Keith Moon … Lily Ray. Rock drummer icons all 🙂 Lily sets herself apart because a) she is alive and b) she knows boatloads about E-A-T. We discuss August and March updates. I suggest that Google has a slap-and-reward system. Lily politely ignores that, and gives some very encouraging information about E-A-T. Much of it is an easy fix. She then identifies what the constituent parts of building E-A-T really are. I ask for a lot of free advice. And Lily very kindly gives it to me – she is super practical and smart. We now need to be obsessed by Brand SERPs. And even gossip sites can be useful, as can comic sites… as long as they provide useful information. Pure buzz has no long term value. Trust rank is (perhaps) a thing? Then Lily finishes with a wonderful summary of the fundamental point of an SEO’s job.


Why “The Brand SERP Guy”? Because Jason has been studying, tracking and analysing Brand SERPs (what appears when someone Googles your name) since 2013...
Conclusion : Brand SERPs are your new business card, a reflection of your brand’s digital ecosystem and an honest critique of your online marketing strategy. That could well be enough to pique the interest of any marketer and any brand... in any industry :)

News: Jason has released a series of online courses that teach brand owners and marketers to optimise their brand SERPs :