BrightonSEO - September 2019

The Wonderful World of SaaS Startups #SEOisAEO with Paul Bongers at #BrightonSEO

The Wonderful World of SaaS Startups

Paul talks about the rarity of tech startups that actually survive… and the even more rare case of one that succeeds. Part of that is educating the audience for a new innovative product they didn’t know they needed. In this space, the new product is often the solution a company created to a problem they had… and then open it up to the wider world. Once out to market, the product often needs to adapt. You start with your core market. But then once investors come in, many startups expand the functionality of the product to try to reach a wider client base in order to please the investors. Not always a good idea. Knowing how to pivot is vital. Paul Bongers talks Jason Barnard through how SEPO tools have pivoted. And points out the irony that we are amazed that people are talking to their phones, given that Alexander Graham Bell invented it for exactly that purpose.


Why “The Brand SERP Guy”? Because Jason has been studying, tracking and analysing Brand SERPs (what appears when someone Googles your name) since 2013...
Conclusion : Brand SERPs are your new business card, a reflection of your brand’s digital ecosystem and an honest critique of your online marketing strategy. That could well be enough to pique the interest of any marketer and any brand... in any industry :)

News: Jason has released a series of online courses that teach brand owners and marketers to optimise their brand SERPs :