Building Community #SEOisAEO with David Markovich at #semrush

We start talking about building community. David gives some great tips – he has 22,000 people in his genius community who share 50,000 messages a month, so he knows what he’s talking about. he points out we all have a community whether we know it or not. We talk about implicit and explicit communities, then have a debate about the word ‘crumbs’. But then David turns the table on me brilliantly by asking about the red t-shirt… and the second half is him getting me talk about the digital nomad lifestyle and the podcast. My initial though was to only publish the first half. But David does a great job as interviewer, so I left it all. Warts and all ! At the end Susan Westwater (the previous podcast guest) joins in because she thinks we are just having a chat (and not recording a podcast). Finally, right at the end, we end with a Mexican standoff.