Imposter Syndrome #SEOisAEO with Robert Gerrish at #copycon19

At CopyCon, Robert gave an amazing talk based on the book by Dr Valery Young “the secret thoughts of successful women, why capable people suffer from imposter syndrome and how to thrive in spite of it”. Over 70% of people struggle from imposter syndrome at some point in their working life. And, of course this happens to men and women in any industry. The five types of people who suffer from imposter syndrome (according to Valery Young): perfectionist, superwoman, natural genius, soloist, expert. This is a phenomenally interesting conversation about something that isn’t directly digital marketing but is well worth the listen.


Why “The Brand SERP Guy”? Because Jason has been studying, tracking and analysing Brand SERPs (what appears when someone Googles your name) since 2013...
Conclusion : Brand SERPs are your new business card, a reflection of your brand’s digital ecosystem and an honest critique of your online marketing strategy. That could well be enough to pique the interest of any marketer and any brand... in any industry :)

News: Jason has released a series of online courses that teach brand owners and marketers to optimise their brand SERPs :