How Bing Ranking Works #SEOisAEO with Frédéric Dubut at #ungaggedUSA

I quickly state that I won’t ask about ranking factors, just the way Bing ranking works (to try to get some confirmation of Darwinism in search). Frederic is the 10 blue links guy. The team in the next office do the Q and A…. and then there is a Whole Page Team, which is an interesting development for me (since my Darwinism theory takes a SMALL hit 🙁 All the rich elements function of the same algorithm with different weightings… but with a master ‘whole page algorithm’ that brings it all together. And Ads work on the same principle as other rich elements, which is terribly important (to me). Always remember that algorithms are built on human intuition, even when we use machine learning. In terms of machine learning in ranking algorithms, we need to talk about features, not factors. Then onto how pancakes and omelettes (I get confused) can help us better (batter ??) understand machine learning (and thus ranking). Each team of judges (raters) are looking at the value a specific element brings (blue links, video, answer etc.) We also get the serious UnGagged interview at the end.