Trust building without links (Arnout Hellemans with Jason Barnard)

Arnout Hellemans with Jason Barnard at YoastCon 2019

Arnout Hellemans talks with Jason Barnard about trust-building without links.

A lovely conversation where we cover mentions, links, linkless links, the knowledge graph, brand SERPs and reputation. Sounds like a bit of a mix, but in fact it all makes a lot of sense. Thanks, Arnout !


Jason Barnard has over 2 decades of experience in digital marketing.

He currently teaches Brand SERP optimisation to students at and writes regularly for leading marketing publications such as Search Engine Journal, SEMrush, OnCrawl, Searchmetrics as well as appearing regularly on digital marketing webinars and speaking at major conferences around the world such as BrightonSEO, PubCon, SMX London, YoastCon.