It’s easy Enough to Sell Retaining Customers is the Hard Part (David Avrin with Jason Barnard)

David Avrin with Jason Barnard at Kalicube Tuesdays

David Avrin talks to Jason Barnard about customer retention.

Personally, I have never found selling to be easy. It can often be a costly and slow process. But all that time and cost is wasted when you lose the client after that first purchase.

Too many companies focus too much on on acquisition, and not enough on retention. Retaining clients is a challenge, but a challenge well worth taking on and doing properly.

David promises to explain the problems, but also suggest solutions. How you can best approach the challenge of retaining your customers long term.

Kalicube Tuesdays: It’s easy Enough to Sell. Retaining Customers is the Hard Part. With David Avrin.

Recorded live. Watch now on YouTube >>

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What you’ll learn

  • 00:20 Introducing David Avrin
  • 01:44 Experiment with WordLift leading entities into the Knowledge Graph
  • 02:30 Is selling easy today in the age of the internet?
  • 03:30 Can you hide on the internet?
  • 04:23 Are price and proximity the only determining factors for a successful sale?
  • 05:35 Why do customers leave?
  • 07:58 Having empathy for the customer
  • 09:30 Is the phrase ‘your reputation speaks for itself?’ lazy?
  • 11:06 How does a business communicate who they want to be?
  • 14:36 How do you stop customers leaving?
  • 16:18 Do FAQ questions get overlooked?
  • 18:02 How to make it about the customer and less about yourself?
  • 19:34 Shifting from being product centric to customer centric
  • 20:58 The importance of being accommodating to the customer?
  • 22:22 Is the customer experience getting worse?
  • 23:05 Why is a business’s Brand SERP so critical?
  • 24:40 Information becoming misinformation

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Jason Barnard has over 2 decades of experience in digital marketing.

He currently teaches Brand SERP optimisation to students at and writes regularly for leading marketing publications such as Search Engine Journal, SEMrush, OnCrawl, Searchmetrics as well as appearing regularly on digital marketing webinars and speaking at major conferences around the world such as BrightonSEO, PubCon, SMX London, YoastCon.