SEO Without Link Building

Chase Reiner with Jason Barnard at Kalicube Tuesdays

Chase Reiner talks to Jason Barnard about his SEO strategy (without link building).

There is so much said and written about PageRank and the importance of inbound links to any SEO strategy. What Chase talks about is whether link building is necessary for an effective for SEO. He then goes onto explains how he manages to build successful SEO strategies without doing any link building.

Chase has amassed a following 37.4k subscribers on YouTube which leads to the discussion of how suggestion based algorithms on YouTube, Facebook and Google are becoming more important to the user experience. Creating content worth looking at and how to retain an audience once a brand grows is vital to any brands success.

Kalicube Tuesdays: SEO Without Link Building. With Chase Reiner.

Recorded live Tuesday 25th August 2020 at 18:00 CET:
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In partnership with Wordlift and SEMrush

What you’ll learn

  • 00:20 Introducing Chase Reiner
  • 01:48 Getting a place in Google’s Knowledge Graph
  • 03:41 SEO without link building – are links still important?
  • 05:10 Suggestion based algorithms on YouTube, Facebook and Google
  • 06:40 The significance of being an entity in the Knowledge Graph
  • 10:15 White hat Vs. black hat techniques on user signals
  • 12:00 What influenced Chase to find his platform for SEO?
  • 21:40 Is Chase now satisfied with his position?
  • 24:14 Owning your own Brand SERP
  • 26:16 Building relationships with content and engaging the audience
  • 28:30 How can you maintain engagement with larger audiences?
  • 35:40 Creating content that truly engages your audience
  • 36:50 Taking control of your content
  • 37:43 Remaining consistent

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Jason Barnard has over 2 decades of experience in digital marketing.

He currently teaches Brand SERP optimisation to students at and writes regularly for leading marketing publications such as Search Engine Journal, SEMrush, OnCrawl, Searchmetrics as well as appearing regularly on digital marketing webinars and speaking at major conferences around the world such as BrightonSEO, PubCon, SMX London, YoastCon.