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"I just watched your video and read through your PDF.
What an incredible solution you've built! "
Steve Wiideman

We have helped these agencies grow:

Site Strategics
Holistic SEO
SMA Marketing
516 Marketing

What Agencies Say

After integrating Kalicube Pro, agencies have expanded their offerings, driven higher revenue and produced exceptional results for their clients - with a tool that does the hard work for you.
Digital Strategy made simple
I love the moment when all that data appears in Kalicube as if by magic and I can see the client's strategy unfold right in front of me.
Keeton Storts CEO, 516 Marketing Agency
This saves hundreds of hours of work.
I've done a lot of this manually over the years and pulling this stuff in using this software is huge. I think you're now my best friend.
Mike Clay Mike Clay Digital Agency
Great Product With Great Support
For anyone who understands entity SEO, this is the tool for you. The support is fantastic and the system is really easy for use.
Callum Scott Blue Orchid Digital Agency
Incredibly Effective for Knowledge Panels
I triggered a Knowledge Panel easily... The Kalicube Process is easy to learn; much thanks to the useful video tutorials which hold your hand as your travel through the program.
Matthew Heyes BackPacker JobBoard
Unique and Visionary Entity Management Technology
I am using Kalicube Pro weekly, for more than 6 months... it is unique and visionary.
Koray Gübür Holistic SEO Agency
Entity SEO and Brand Reputation on Steroids
WordLift are collaborating with Kalicube Pro as we believe the tool as enormous potential in the context of entity based SEO and reputation management.
Andrea Volpini CEO, Wordlift
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Kalicube Pro is Perfect for:

SEO Agencies
Kalicube Pro is a unique software solution leading SEO agencies use for managing brand identity on search and fully leveraging E-E-A-T signals
PR and ORM Agencies
Kalicube Pro is a suite of dedicated tools that fast tracks agencies to offer high-performance digital brand reputation management to clients
Marketing Agencies
Kalicube Pro is a simple, robust and established suite of tools for optimising brand on search that agencies can plug in to their existing process or sell as a profitable add-on service

How Can Kalicube Help Your Agency?

You can future-proof your clients' digital brand. You can count on our expertise. You can rely on our support.

Kalicube Pro is the only cloud-based software-as-a-service that provides you with all the data and tools you need to optimise, manage, track, measure and report on Brands across search. We started in 1998, we have over 25 years' experience and our team is second to none. Count on us.

Kalicube Pro is the must-have we use for every client.
We use the insights from all the data Kalicube Pro provides to figure out the perfect bespoke digital strategy, and the client is right on board because they can see why we are building the strategy in the way we are. I really don’t understand how other agencies function without Kalicube Pro as the foundation of their work for the client.
Keeton Storts CEO, 516 Marketing
This saves hundreds of hours of work.
I've done a lot of this manually over the years and pulling this stuff in using this software is huge. I think you're now my best friend.
Mike Clay Clay Digital

Your investment in Kalicube Pro : Setup fee: $1,600

TA one-off 1600$ set up fee. A monthly subscription of 1200$ for access to 20 concurrently active entities daily. Use over two billion data points extracted from Google to analyse hundreds of clients, competitors, potential clients every month. Save hours while Kalicube Pro analyses the key data for the client, the market and competition and generates a step-by-step process to build a Knowledge Panel, a digital strategy that’s future-proof, repair reputation or reposition their brand.

Kalicube Pro is an easy-to-assimilate cost to you. It allows you to supercharge your client’s online presence and the results you deliver mean your clients are delighted to pay you 1000$ to 4000$ a month.

This approach has been HUGELY profitable for Kalicube. It has increased our revenues 4x in 3 years and we are now experiencing excess demand.

You can easily grow your profits with minimal outlay and deliver exceptional results at exceptional margins - without spending thousands of hours doing manual work.

Concurrent Active Entities Monthly Subscription Fee
20 USD 1200
40 USD 2200
60 USD 3000
80 USD 3600
100 USD 4200

Monthly fee inclusions

Unlimited entities (concurrently active limitation according to your monthly subscription)
All the data and tools you need to optimise, track, measure and report your clients’ brand presence online
Schema markup for your client websites:
Optimised for Google's Algorithms, Entity Understanding and Knowledge Panels.
Brand SERPs:
Daily tracking and analysis across multiple geo locations.
Knowledge Panels:
Daily tracking and analysis across multiple geo locations.
Google's Knowledge Graph:
Daily tracking.
Entity-level Knowledge Sources:
Weekly tracking.
Clear Reporting:
With KPI you can deliver to your clients.
Market Analysis:
Get detailed view of your clients' industries.
An automated, step-by-step tool that rolls out our proven Kalicube Process so your clients dominate brand search results with ease and speed

Unlimited agency access to the courses in the Kalicube Academy:
Brand Reputation Management, Brand SERPs and Knowledge Panels
Industry insights:
Brand SERPs, Knowledge Panels, digital strategy trends.
Kalibot Pro:
Access to our very own chatbot trained on Jason's recordings and writing (over 2 million words), plus data from the Kalicube Pro database.
Professional onboarding with full training materials for your team:
It's simple, efficient and effective
Personal coaching with Jason Barnard and the Kalicube specialists
A Thriving Community of Like-minded People:
Agency owners and CEOs who share strategies
Regular Webinar / Q&A :
Hosted by Jason Barnard - cutting edge tactics, techniques and strategies to ensure your services consistently drive appreciable value for your clients
Regular business masterminds:
Hosted by Jason Barnard - regular masterminds that will support you with the marketing and sales sides of your business.

Why spend hours labouring over a spreadsheet when Kalicube Pro will show you what to do in minutes?

Start With Kalicube Pro SaaS Today, expand your offers

The Data Behind Kalicube Pro SaaS

Kalicube Pro is data-driven and we have 8 years of millions of data points every day.
Brands Tracked
Knowledge Panels
Kalicube has a unqiue combination of > 2 Billion datapoints
and 10 years of practical field-experience
that means with Kalicube Pro you can educate Google better than your competition.
Jason Barnard, CEO and founder of Kalicube

The Expert Team at Kalicube Pro

We will onboard your team, explain the processes, and we will be available to help when you need us.
Be reassured - you can count on Jason, Allyssa and the Kalicue Pro team to keep your agency well ahead of the curve.
Allyssa Reyes
Kalicube Pro Team Manager
Jason Barnard
CEO and founder
Nell Santos
Corroboration Lead
Mary Ann Buaro
Customer Success Manager

Nobody Knows More About Brand on Google

John Mueller (JohnMu) is a Google employee and a spokesperson for Google


Kalicube Pro is a suite of dedicated tools that fast-tracks Knowledge Panels and brand reputation management for clients.

It is a scalable, cost-effective way to expand your offerings, increase your revenue and enhance your reputation as the agency of choice.
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