Menu - At The Heart of Answer Engine Optimisation.

What is is a research project by Jason Barnard aimed at identifying how Google gains understanding of brands and their offers.

That research became the basis for an approach using understanding and credibilty as the two pillars of Answer Engine Optimisation. Read the article

AEO - Understanding and Credibility

Understanding and credibility for Answer Engine Optimisation :

To get to grips on Google's understanding and its interpretation of credibility, since January 2016, I have been asking asked Google a lot of questions, and analysing the answers it throws back (see figures below).

Analysing all that data has led me along a number of interesting paths, taught me a phenomenal amount and has got me really excited about Answer Engines. I share my insights from this research in my column on SEMrush, at conferences around the world, and soon in a series of webinars on SEMrush with some incredibly intelligent people in the industry (September - December 2018). is not a product, just research. There is no upsell :)