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Semantic HTML5 Inspector - Page Structure

Visualise your Semantic HTML5 at a glance with this tool.

Semantic HTML5 tags are hugely important for GoogleBot and BingBot, and yet (strangely) often overlooked by developers and SEOs alike.

At Kalicube we strongly recommend using Semantic HTML5 for page structure (nav, section, header, main, aside etc).

This tool is developed by Hugo Scott (find the original HTML5 inspector here)- a super smart Tech SEO who produces tech audits for websites that are thorough, easy to understand, and simple to implement. Find out more here: Hugo Scott SEO services

header   nav   main   h1   h2   article   figure   section   aside   footer  

Simply paste the URL or (if access to the source of your page is blocked, for example by Wordfence) the HTML of your page in the field below.