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The Kalicube Pro platform offers a wide range of free resources to help you and your clients take their brand to the next level. Scroll down to learn more...

Knowledge Graph Explorer

Kalicube’s Knowledge Graph Explorer queries Google’s Knowledge Graph API which returns what Entities it contains that is related to the term you enter (ie brands, businesses, events, products, people, topics etc). Results are real time and therefore up-to-the minute.

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Knowledge Graph API Reverse Lookup

Find the Entity that corresponds to any Knowledge Graph ID (kgmid or kgid) - /m/ or /g/ - Kalicube will ping Google's Knowledge Graph API to tell you what entity the ID represents.

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Knowledge Graph Sensor

Here we are measuring the volatility of Google's Knowledge Graph. The data clearly shows periodic data refreshes or algorithm updates - almost certainly both. How are we Measuring Knowledge Graph Changes? We have a system that tracks the confidence score returned by the Knowledge Graph API on a dataset of several thousand known Entities. We have isolated the three aspects of these changes and measure them daily.

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Descriptions Cited Sourcees

Build a case for “notability” to get a place in the Knowledge Graph. This free reference offers a list of sources you can use as inspiration to find the places Google trusts. All you need to do is place corroborative information on trusted, authoritative sources to gain your place in the Knowledge Graph and trigger a Knowledge Panel. Our experience shows that a good rule of thumb is that you’ll generally need about 30 such corroborative sources.

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Google's Sources for Knowledge Panel Attributes

Google shows attributes for an entity in the Knowledge Panel. But one thing we don’t often think about is “where is Google sourcing this information?”. At Kalicube we have figured that out !

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Brand SERPs: Explore Examples

Explore examples of Brand SERPs here. We are currently tracking and measuring 66,197 entities on the web.

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Use this Snippet Simulator to see what your title and description will look like on Google on Desktop and on Mobile (they look very different, as you’ll see :)

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Schema Markup Generator for a Company

Use the Organisation Schema MarkUp Generator to structure the data for an organisation or company in a way that search engines can easily understand.

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Schema Markup Generator for a Person

The Schema Markup Generator for a person, on the other hand, helps generate structured data for any person or individual. Obviously celebrities, political leaders, sports icons, etc. but also you, your boss or your client. Google wants to understand everything :)

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