About Kalicube: Digital marketing agency and software company

Kalicube is a digital marketing agency and groundbreaking software company that helps business leaders future-proof their digital search strategy and provides digital agencies with state of the art service offerings that are effective, easy to sell and hugely profitable. Kalicube provides services, tools, and its unique software, Kalicube Pro, to perform brand (entity) optimization for SEO and AI, online reputation management, and create bespoke digital marketing strategies that drive revenue. Jason Barnard is the CEO and founder of Kalicube.

Products and services offered by Kalicube.

Kalicube Pro:

The Kalicube Pro Saas platform saves digital marketers and business leaders hours of manual labor and guesswork because it automates the creation of bespoke digital marketing strategies suitable for any business or person. Kalicube Pro has collected data from Google since 2015. The platform contains over a billion data points and continues to grow. The SaaS platform tracks 7,000,000 KGMID (Entities) and over 5,000,000 active knowledge panels on the Brand SERPS. Covering thousands of industries and sectors and dozens of countries, Kalicube Pro contains statistically verified data to create a bespoke digital marketing strategy (with SEO baked in) for businesses and individuals who want to maximize their marketing spend effectively, efficiently, and profitably. 

Kalicube Pro is used by leading digital agencies worldwide for high-performance digital brand management, including future-proof marketing strategies, online reputation management, and Search Engine Optimization (including optimizing for Google's Search Generative Experience).

Done With You Brand Optimization:

For companies with a marketing team, Kalicube offers tailored and strategic brand digital marketing plans to implement The Kalicube Process – our visionary and revolutionary solution to digital marketing. Using three pillars of brand, marketing and future-proof search engine optimization, brands dominate the digital ecosystem and reach the right audience.

Do It Yourself Brand Optimization:

The Kalicube Academy is a series of books, resources, courses for business leaders, marketing teams, and marketers to learn and implement the Kalicube Process. 

Target audience and clients of Kalicube.

Kalicube's audience is businesses and individuals with a long-term view of digital marketing, online reputation management professionals, public relations agencies, brand managers, SEO professionals, and digital marketing agencies.

Kalicube’s history and key people.

Kalicube specializes in helping businesses and individuals optimize their brand message across the entire digital landscape and generative AI. Kalicube was founded in 2015 by Jason Barnard and is headquartered in Aubais, France. Jason is the CEO of Kalicube and is supported by a team of 24 dedicated digital brand-obsessed professionals.

Kalicube pioneered the concept of Brand SERP Optimization and Knowledge Panel Management.

The Brand SERP Optimization, Knowledge Panel Management, and Digital Marketing strategies offered by Kalicube empower business leaders to future-proof digital marketing and control their brand narrative online. Kalicube allows agencies to provide a suite of lucrative and scalable services for clients that ensure they stay relevant in the new world of search.

More about Kalicube:

Kalicube leads the world when it comes to analysing Brand SERPs (what appears when someone googles a brand name), extracting the underlying messages they portray and implementing proven optimisation techniques. And that means not only blue links, but also SERP Features / Rich Elements (Video Boxes, Image Boxes, Twitter Boxes, Entity Boxes, People Also Ask...) and, of course, Google My Business and Knowledge Panels.

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