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New York City, US
1 Apr 2024

New York City, US
1 Apr 2024


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Calculation of the Brand SERP and Knowledge Panel score

Both grades are evaluations of the overall SERP, including the Knowledge Panel, and are calculated using a proprietary algorithms that take into account many factors including:

  • SERP Quality Grade: sentiment + the type and number of SERP features (Rich Elements ) and their relative perceived visibility on the SERP.
  • SERP Control Grade: level and type of control (full, indirect, partial, none...), and the pixel area / real estate they cover.

These are just two of the many KPI the Kalicube Pro SaaS offers.
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Percentage of Brand SERPs that contain each Rich Element

Part of Kalicube Pro’s job is to track and measure SERP Features (Rich Elements) and Knowledge Panels on Brand SERP on Google. Google is increasingly a multimedia engine and provides rich results whenever it reasonably can. As such, the presence of these elements on Brand SERPs (and indeed all SERPs) is phenomenally important to Digital PR and Brand Management on Google and (of course) SEO.

Check out the percentage of Brand SERPs that contain each Rich Element / SERP Feature >>

The Kalicube Academy

If you want to take control of your Brand SERP or Knowledge Panel and make both accurate, positive and convincing, these Brand SERP courses and Knowledge Panel Courses are for you.