Knowledge Graph Explorer Reverse

Knowledge Graph API Reverse Lookup

Find the Entity that corresponds to any kgid - /m/ or /g/ - Kalicube's will ping Google's Knowledge Graph API and will tell you what entity the ID represents.

Note: The Knowledge Graph API only returns entities that are in the Google's main Knowledge Graph. There are multiple knowledge graphs that generate kgmid and these do not necessarily have a place in the main Knowledge Graph. Examples of these Knowledge Graph verticals are Google Books, Google Podcasts, Google My Business (Google Business Profile) etc.

If you are curious about the difference between /m/ and /g/ - the 'm' indicates the entity existed in Freebase and was migrated to Wikidata (that migration happened in 2015) while a kgid starting with /g/ indicates that Google added the entity after closing Freebase (so the entity was created in the Knowledge Graph after 2015).

Tip: You can look up multipele kgid using a comma seperated list.