Schema Markup Generator Person

Schema Markup Generator for a Person

This free Schema markup will create the structured data for any person or individual. Obviously celebrities, political leaders, sports icons, etc. but also you, your boss or your client. Google wants to understand everything :)

In using this tool, you will be asked to enter basic personal information such as the person’s first and last name, gender, job title, social media profiles, etc. This information will help search engines distinguish between different people with the same name, which helps enormously in the content of Brand SERPs and Entity SEO.

Automatically Create Structured Data in JSON-LD Format for a Person.

Complete the fields in the tool below. None of this information is required, but the more complete the information, the better Google will like it.

If you want to to generate Schema markup for a company please go to our Schema markup generator for a Corporation, Organization or LocalBusiness.


The social media accounts and 'about' pages on third party sites


Here is a example of Schema markup for a person

Here is the Schema as JSON-LD code

JSON-LD Schema markup for Jason Barnard

Here is what the robots understand

Schema markup tested in Google's Structured data Testing Tool

What is structured data?

A simple explanation and example for a Person

Structured markup is a small piece code add to the html of your page in a format that is easy to understand for machines (Google, Microsoft, Apple ...). It is not displayed to human users and is only used to clarify and confirm the information in a your pages.

This code takes the form of named pairs that explicitly communicate the precise nature of each piece of information to search engines. For more information you can visit the site or the Wikipedia page.

You can also test and validate your "Person" structured data on the official testing tool or the Classy Structured Data Viewer. structured microdata is highly recommended (essential) for all personal websites.

Name Jason BARNARD
Description Jason Barnard is an author and digital marketing consultant who specialises in Brand SERPs and Knowledge Panels – The Brand SERP Guy.
Address 10 Chemin du travers, 30250 Aubais - France
Tel. +33 6 66995236
Email [email protected]

Here is an advanced example of Schema markup for a person

This is an example of the Schema Markup for a Person generated by Kalicube Pro. Agencies using Kalicube Pro get a Javascript code snippet for each of their clients that

  1. writes the markup on the fly
  2. adds the markup dynamically to the page
  3. merges Kalicube's markup into markup that is already present on the page (Yoast, Wordlift, SchemaApp, RankMath, Inlionks etc)

Note: this is the actual schema we are using live for Jason and will update regularly as we improve.

Have a look in a user friendly format ! Copy-paste the code above into Classy Schema Structured Data Viewer