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How The Kalicube Pro "Google Knowledge Graph Search Engine" Works

When you submit your query on Kalicube Pro, we use Google's Knowledge Graph API to search the Knowledge Graph. You'll then see what Entities it contains that is related to your query (ie brands, businesses, events, products, people, topics etc). The API explorer will tell you how much Google's Knowledge Graph knows about the entities, and how confident it is about that information... Results are real time and therefore up-to-the minute.

Here is Google’s explanation about the Knowledge Graph Search API.

What Attributes Does The Explorer Show?

This explorer will show you this information (attributes) for all Entities Google sees as relevant for the words you enter.

Why Some Attributes Might Be Empty

Entity Type and Knowledge Graph ID (kgmid or kgid) always have a value. The others only return a value sometimes (if Google has the information in the Knowledge graph). If you click the anchor text “See on Google”, we’ll open a new tab for you that shows the Google SERP that corresponds to the kgmid (the SERP that corresponds to Google's explicit understanding of that entity).

Why do Some Knowledge Graph ID start with /g/ and others with /m/?

Note: The kgid starting with /m/ indicates the entity was originally an entry on Freebase and was migrated to Wikidata (that migration happened in 2015) while a kgid starting with /g/ indicates that Google added the entity after closing Freebase (so the entity was created in the Knowledge Graph after 2015).

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As an agency, if you're looking to eliminate uncertainty when creating Digital Marketing Strategies, solving ORM and triggering Knowledge Panels, Kalicube Pro is the ideal platform for you. With access to over 1 billion data points, you can confidently develop robust, reliable, and content-rich Knowledge Panels for your clients.

The Kalicube Pro SaaS platform will provides data on over 40,000 trusted sources and 1 billion data points.

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Kalicube Pro is a SaaS platform for digital agencies

Principal use cases for Kalicube Pro:

  1. Implementing The Kalicube Process for your clients
  2. Trigger and manage Knowledge Panels for brands, people, podcasts, products...
  3. Solving Online Reputation problems efficiently and effectively

Brand SERP: what your audience sees when they google your name (brand, person, podcast, product...) - also known as your "Google Business Card.
Knowledge Panel: the information box Google shows on the right hand side of the search results on desktop (a visible, and very public, indication of how well Google's algorithms understand the entity).

Online Reputation Management, Digital PR, SEO, Digital Marketing Agencies

Kalicube Pro SaaS provides you with all the data and tools you need to optimise, track, measure and report on Brand SERPs and Knowledge Panels on Google for your clients.

Your team will have full access to the Kalicube Academy (Brand SERP and Knowledge Panel courses), so you'll be upskilling as you work.

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