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Hugo Scott

Founder and president of Kalicube SAS

Founder and president of Kalicube SAS

For many years I was a language teacher and a web developer. I then focused on SEO and more precisely the optimization of multilingual content. By dint of testing the existing SEO tools and platforms we found that there was no system to collaborate with our customers on the management of brand SERPs. So we developed it, initially for ourselves and decided to make it accessible to all our customers.

The big difference in is that the SERPs are evaluated manually and individually with recommendations tailored for each customer in each market and in each context. Then the recommended actions are switched to the Trello collaborative platform to make it easier for our customers to track.

Jason Barnard

SEO and Web-Marketing Consultant

Jason Barnard, consultant en SEO et Web-Marketing

Nearly two decades of experience! Jason began promoting his first site in 1998 (the same year that Google became a commercial enterprise). In 9 years, that site became one of the 10,000 most frequented sites in the world. Perfectly bilingual French and English, Jason works today with clients in France, the United Kingdom and the United States. Since 2014, Jason has been studying knowledge engines, especially Google's Knowledge Graph:
- what it knows,
- how it learns,
- how it assesses the credibility of its information sources
- its role in Google Search algorithms.
This research has led to an understanding of how to educate and influence it.

This expertise is an integral part of
In collaboration with Marcus Tober and Daniel Furch of Searchmetrics, Jason co-authored a paper on the role of SEO in managing its e-reputation. The publication is scheduled for April 1 "Manage the brand experience with natural referencing".

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