What can you do with the Kalicube Pro SaaS Platform?

Kalicube Pro SaaS Platform helps you optimise your Brand SERP and manage your knowledge panel. The platform tracks and measures the Brand SERP in relevant locations. Using that data, it provides you with a tailor-made prioritised list of tasks that will help you effectively and efficiently gain control of your Brand SERP and knowledge panel and make both positive, accurate and convincing for your audience.

Trigger & Manage your Knowledge Panel

The platform will provide you with a bespoke roadmap for your entity. It neatly packages everything we learned from triggering well over 500 knowledge panels into a tailor-made strategy to build an accurate, stable and sexy knowledge panel. The Kalicube algorithm identifies where Google's current understanding about you comes from (and the relative importance of the sources), what sources typically 'tickle' Google in your industry and various signals from the data we have collected for 64,047 brands, people, podcasts and music groups over 5 years.

You'll get a clear road map to triggering and improving your knowledge panel.

  1. step-by-step task list for you to complete - built specifically for your brand / person / podcast / music group
  2. the Schema.org markup you will need - including your custom list of sameAs
  3. the list of information sources that 'tickle' Google for your brand that you need to check, correct and update (in order of priority)

Optimize your Brand SERP (make it positive, accurate and convincing)

You'll get a bespoke task list that will show you how to improve your Brand SERP and ensure it gives your audience an accurate, positive and convincing representation of who you are and what you do. The platform neatly weaves everything Jason learned from manually optimising hundreds of Brand SERPs over 7 years with the data from our database of 10 million Brand SERPs to create a tailor-made, easy-to-follow, simple-to-implement task list for your brand - companies, brand names, products, people, podcasts and music groups.

What To Expect

You'll get a step by step guide to taking control of your Brand SERP

  1. where your easy wins are (including what to do and how to do it)
  2. where your short and mid term priorities lie
  3. which elements you need to start implementing today for long term control of your Brand SERP

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