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Here at Kalicube we like to keep things simple, reliable and effective.
And that goes for our pricing too.

  1. 750€ (exc VAT) set-up fee
  2. 900€ (exc VAT) monthly

Prices include analysis, detailed personalised expert recommendations, tracking and detailed reporting.

Limited launch offer: 40% discount

For a limited time, we are offering a 40% discount at

  1. 450€ set-up fee
  2. 540€ monthly

So, the first month is billed just 990€ (exc VAT). Each month thereafter is only 540€ (exc VAT).
With exactly the same personalised expert recommendations every single month.

No lock-ins

To get the full benefit of we recommend that you work with us for 12 months. However, you are not locked in. We work month by month and you are free to pull out in the unlikely event that you feel our expert recommendations do not deliver satisfactory results for your brand.


Accuracy is vital to ensuring brings value to your brand. accurately tracks the UK and France. For the moment, we have chosen to track only two countries because we know that accurate tracking is essential for you (but difficult to achieve at scale).

The pricing above is for 1 country. Additional countries are discounted at 50%.
So the price for analysis, personalised expert recommendations, tracking and detailed reporting for both the UK and France is the prices mentioned above +50%. Simple

If you need to work on another country please contact us and we will add your country when we are sure we can maintain accuracy at scale.

With you can

  • Design your Google business card
  • Perfect your [Brand + Review] searches
  • Improve Google's opinion of your brand
  • Cement your place in The Knowledge Graph
  • Achieve Brand Factor status

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