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CoreHealth is a digital health and wellness solutions provider trusted by global employers, wellness, and service providers to power digital well-being programs.

CoreHealth provides configurable solutions for both employers and wellnessand service providers, supporting the health journey of more than 3.5 million end users, with a focus on holistic wellness and outcomes-based engagement programs. In 2021, CoreHealth was acquired by Carebook Technologies and expanded its offering to include Carebook's Wellness Checkpoint health risk assessment suite integrated into the CoreHealth platform. The platform offers assessments, robust reporting, wellness challenges, micro-learning programs, digital coaching tools, rewards and incentives, content management, scheduling capabilities, integration options and a highly configurable user interface tailored to the diverse needs of clients and employees. CoreHealth's solutions aim to drive holistic health engagement through technology and provide users with a seamless and personalized experience at every stage of their well-being.

Industry: Health

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Address 3275 Lakeshore Rd # 202, Kelowna, BC, Canada, British Columbia
Email [email protected]
Founding Date 2004
Image CoreHealth Corporate
Logo CoreHealth Corporate
Name CoreHealth Corporate
Number Of Employees 11-50 employees 21 associated members
Revenue $5 Million
Telephone 866-396-2673
Url corehealth
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CoreHealth Corporate


Kelowna, CA
14 Apr 2024

Kelowna, CA
14 Apr 2024

CoreHealth Corporate

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CoreHealth - Digital Health and Wellness Solutions Reimagined
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CoreHealth by Carebook
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About us
In 2021, CoreHealth was acquired by Carebook Technologies, a publicly traded organization delivering digital health, wellness, and pharmacy solutions. › corehealth
CoreHealth by Carebook
The CoreHealth Platform is your core hub to bring all your corporate health and wellness programming into one place. The CoreHealth Platform is a single ...
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CoreHealth Technologies | Kelowna BC
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Discover the CoreHealth Corporate Wellness Platform
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CoreHealth Technologies (2.02 Google reviews Software company in Kelowna, British Columbia)

  • Address : 3275 Lakeshore Rd #202, Kelowna, BC V1W 3S9
  • Province : British Columbia

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