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You'll enjoy working with us if you believe marketing with purpose can make the world a better place.

Do you have a genuine enthusiasm to change the world? We can help you create meaningful social impact through marketing communications that are informed by deep strategic thinking. Our senior team has the expert advice you need.

We've worked with dozens of charities and causes over the past seven years and we understand the intricacies of authentic, persuasive, cause-based campaigns. We'll work hand in hand with you to understand your vision. With our proven methodology, we ensure strategic alignment to build persuasive campaigns that move people's hearts and minds.

You need flexible and nimble. As a seven-person agency, you can be assured you're getting our top team's attention from start to finish. Our Creative Director is hands-on with every project. Since we are not bogged down with layers of account services people, your requests can be attended to quickly and efficiently.

But what's the real magic? Passion. Each of us has chosen to work at a firm that specializes in social impact branding and marketing. We all love what we do and are deeply committed to each engagement. We get to know you and really take pride in everything we produce.

In 2016, our commitment to social impact was formally acknowledged when we officially became a B Corp. Certified B Corps are for-profit companies committed to using business as a force for good (and audited by B Lab to prove it!). We're proud to be in company with some household names including Danone, Athleta, and Patagonia, along with 2400+ other incredible companies from more than 50 countries and 130 industries. In 2017, Ramp was acknowledged on B Lab's "BEST FOR THE WORLD – WORKERS" list. That matters because an engaged team is a passionate team willing to bring their absolute best to their work every single day.

But enough about us. Let's talk about you. Call us. And let's change things for good.

Industry: Business & Industrial

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Toronto, CA
12 Jun 2024

Toronto, CA
12 Jun 2024


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Ramp (Financial technology company)

Ramp is a Manhattan-based multinational financial technology company that offers corporate charge cards, expense management, and bill-payment software. As of late 2023, the company was projected to process over US$13 billion in payments annually.

  • Number of employees : 725
  • Founded : March 2019
  • Founders : Eric Glyman (CEO); Karim Atiyeh (CTO); Gene Lee
  • Headquarters : 28 West 23rd Street; New York, NY 10010; U.S

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