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12 Creative is a web design and social media marketing agency. 12 Creative specializes in real estate marketing, search engine optimization, branding, digital advertising and branding services.

Social Media Marketing By 12 Creative Increase Customers' User Engagement Of Businesses: 12 Creative creates social media marketing plans and content that increase user engagement and build brand awareness, generating more leads and driving more traffic to your website.12 Creative believes that the foundation of any business is to fully understand your purpose and goals. Our team works with you to discover and clarify your purpose, understand your customers, uncover problems and define goals. Based on this, 12 Creative develop strategic marketing experiences that provide solutions to achieve outstanding results.

12 Creative Founding And Headquarters: 12 Creative was founded in 2015 by Eric Cheng. 12 Creative is currently headquartered in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada.

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12 Creative


Vancouver, CA
17 Feb 2024

Vancouver, CA
17 Feb 2024

12 Creative

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12 Creative
Creative, Branding and Marketing Agency (@12creativeco)
12 Creative | Edmonton AB
Eric Cheng - 12 Creative
What is 12 Creative? Company Culture, Mission, Values
SIX12 | Design Ideas & Culture
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12 Creative
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12 Creative (Marketing agency in Edmonton, Alberta)

  • Address : 12204 106 Ave NW #302, Edmonton, AB T5N 3Z1
  • Phone : (587) 805-2092
  • Province : Alberta

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