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1st on the List is an SEO marketing company specializing in organic search engine optimization services for clients in the US and Canada. Over the past decade 1st on the List have been consistently ranked as one of the best SEO marketing companies in North America by independent authorities such as Clutch, IIMA and Best in Search by TOPSEOs.

1st on the List ‘s CRO 5-Step Program To Boost Revenues of Businesses: The first step in the CRO program of 1st on the List is the initial website audit and analysis. Our CRO experts will analyze both your website and visitor data to get a complete picture of current performance and conversion potential. Based on the results (along with your conversion goals), 1st on the List develop a short list of conversion optimization improvements that will lead to quick wins early in the process.

The second step of 1st on the List CRO program is to establish baseline metrics and set up conversion tracking. The baseline metrics will allow us to monitor improvements and changes in visitor behavior as 1st on the List implement our CRO strategies.

The third step in the CRO program of 1st on the List is to implement conversion optimization improvements. This is the most important step - a conversion optimization strategy is only as good as its implementation. 1st on the List get to work brainstorming and finalizing all the details of CRO opportunities. 1st on the List combine our finesse and expertise with industry best practices to improve the design, usability, and overall messaging of the site, which ultimately leads to more visitors getting the results you want.

The fourth and final step is to monitor and measure the results as you reap the benefits and continue to improve. 1st on the List uses a number of tools along with A/B testing and other strategies to determine which CRO tactics should have a permanent place on your website.

1st on the List Comprehensive PPC Audit Services To Maximize Business ROI: 1st on the List PPC Audits take an objective look at all the details of your current Pay Per Click marketing campaign to determine areas that could use improvement. It's not just about checking where ad spend is being wasted, but also discovering new ways to optimize your PPC campaigns to make even more money. Ultimately, 1st on the List offers recommendations on how to minimize your Cost-Per-Conversion and maximize your ROI. Recommendations depend on the complexity of your PPC advertising strategy. 1st on the List examines performance in terms of cost and conversions for each PPC campaign, including individual ad groups, keywords, ad copy and landing pages. At the end of the PPC account audit, you'll receive a PPC Checklist, a list of recommendations on how to improve your PPC marketing. Many PPC campaign audits also include implementation of the recommendations discussed, so that the PPC campaign is ready to make you more money again as you continue to manage it.

1st on the List ’s Founding And Headquarters: 1st on the List was founded in November 1997 by Chris Genge. 1st on the List is currently headquartered in Abbotsford BC, Canada.

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Address StreetAddress: 201 33119 South Fraser Way, AddressLocality: Abbotsford, AddressRegion: British Columbia, PostalCode: V2S 2B1, AddressCountry: Canada
Founding Date 1997
Name 1st On The List
Number Of Employees 15
Revenue $5,371,000 USD
Url 1stonthelist
Facebook facebook
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1st On The List


Vancouver, CA
17 Mar 2024

Vancouver, CA
17 Mar 2024

1st On The List

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1st on the List (Internet marketing service in Abbotsford, British Columbia)

  • Address : 34878 Millar Crescent, Abbotsford, BC V2S 7K5
  • Phone : (604) 200-8329
  • Province : British Columbia

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