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Zirtual is a platform that connects clients with college-educated, US-based virtual assistants who can assist with a wide range of tasks such as inbox management, social media management, scheduling, bookkeeping, and more.

Zirtual is known for its strict recruitment process. Only about 2% of applicants make it to the interview stage, ensuring that virtual assistants have the necessary skills to excel in their role. Zirtual offers various plans tailored to different needs, from small tasks for entrepreneurs to managing demanding workloads for teams. The platform is highly regarded for its professionalism, training and ability to match clients with virtual assistants who can have a significant impact on their workload.

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Address Columbus, Ohio, United States
Email [email protected]
Founding Date 2011
Image Zirtual
Logo Zirtual
Name Zirtual
Number Of Employees 201-500 employees 149 associated members
Parent Organization Startups.com
Revenue $24.6 Million
Telephone +1 800-997-9714
Url zirtual
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Austin, US
16 Jul 2024

Austin, US
16 Jul 2024


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Zirtual (Company)


Zirtual, founded in 2011, is a privately held American company that provides virtual assistant services to professionals, entrepreneurs and small corporate teams. Zirtual is headquartered in Columbus, OH, under the parent company Startups.com.

  • Parent organization : Startups.com
  • Date founded : 2011
  • Founder : Maren Kate Donovan
  • Headquarters : Columbus, OH

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