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FitMind is a mental fitness company that offers a science-based meditation program aimed at improving mental well-being.

The FitMind app offers a 30-day advanced meditation training program that systematically trains the mind, as well as a mental fitness assessment and charts to track progress. It also includes features such as scientific explanations of the techniques, daily challenges to integrate meditation into everyday life and access to a meditation community. FitMind's vision is to combine science and traditional meditation practices to create a "mental revolution" that takes people beyond conventional standards of wellness to optimal mental fitness. FitMind is a mental fitness company that harnesses the power of neuroscience and psychology to improve the mind. Offering meditation and mental fitness training, FitMind teaches both modern and ancient methods that enhance well-being and lead to transformative insights.

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Address Boston, Massachusetts, United States
Email [email protected]
Founder Liam McClintock
Image FitMind
Logo FitMind
Name FitMind
Number Of Employees 2-10 employees 8 associated members
Url fitmind
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Boston, US
14 Apr 2024

Boston, US
14 Apr 2024


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FitMind: Science-Based Mental Fitness
FitMind is a meditation & mental fitness training company, using an understanding of neuroscience and psychology to improve the mind. The FitMind meditation ...
FitMind is a mental fitness company using an understanding of neuroscience and psychology to improve the mind. fitmind.organd 3 more links. Subscribe.
FitMind: Mental Fitness on the App Store
You'll learn to master meditation in 30 days by progressing through a series of guided trainings. The FitMind app will also explain the science and psychology ...
FitMind is a mental fitness company using an understanding of neuroscience and psychology to improve the mind.From Harvard neuroscientists and biofeedback ...
Fit Mind Therapy Cleveland
Fit Mind Cleveland offers a safe, supportive, confidential space to engage with a mental health professional who can help children better understand themselves, ... › fitmind-meditation-app
An In-Depth Meditation App
"The FitMind app is an incredible tool for both beginners and advanced meditators alike, offering a wide range of teachings in both practical and theoretical ...
FitMind Reviews - Pros & Cons 2024
Best meditation app I've ever tried. Makes me happy to meditate daily as opposed to viewing it as something I “should do”.
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Welcome to. WELLNESS. · SERVICES · Consultation & Counseling $150/hour · Reiki Energy Healing · Concierge-level Care · Mobile RMR Analysis · Packages & Options.
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Maximize your focus, vitality, and joy with FitMind, a science-based meditation app. This newest version includes design and performance enhancements. › podcast › the-fitmind-podca...
Mental Fitness, Neuroscience & Psychology FitMind
Expert insights on the science of mental fitness. Topics include psychology, neuroscience, mental health, mindfulness meditation, productivity, brain ...
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