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Address StreetAddress: 501 Boylston St Fl 10, AddressLocality: Boston, AddressRegion: Massachusetts, PostalCode: 2116, AddressCountry: United States
Founding Date 2002
Name Outside GC
Number Of Employees 65
Revenue $11,050,000 USD
Url outsidegc
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Outside GC


Boston, US
5 Sep 2023

Boston, US
5 Sep 2023

Outside GC

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Outside GC
Outside GC provides outside general counsel corporate legal services to companies without in-house lawyers and to in-house legal teams.
Rich Sitelinks
Rich Sitelinks
https://www.linkedin.com › company › outside-gc-llc
OGC | 3886 followers on LinkedIn. Outside General Counsel for early-stage and enterprise | OGC is a unique law firm that offers the relationship and ...
https://www.businesswire.com › news › home › Outsid...
Outside GC Introduces a New Role into the Legal Ecosystem
Jun 28, 2023 — Outside GC, a law firm that augments in-house legal teams with a business-first approach to lawyering, today announced its new brand ...
https://www.crunchbase.com › organization › outside-gc
Outside GC - Crunchbase Company Profile & Funding
OGC is a unique law firm that offers the relationship and experience of a traditional law firm with the cost savings and speed of an ALSP.
https://pitchbook.com › profiles › advisor
Outside GC Company Profile: Service Breakdown & Team
The firm specializes in offering services in the areas of general counsel services, contract negotiating and drafting, debt and equity financing, governance and ...
Outside GC | Boston MA
Outside GC, Boston, Massachusetts. 456 likes · 1 was here. Outside GC provides experienced in-house legal counsel on an on-demand basis to companies in...
https://www.managehrmagazine.com › outside-gc
Outside GC | Top Employment Law Firm-2022
Outside GC is a full-service virtual, national law firm with a team of over 100 experienced attorney partners. They offer external general counsel and corporate ...
https://twitter.com › outside_gc
Outside GC (@outside_gc) / X
Outside GC provides experienced in-house legal counsel on an on-demand basis to companies in virtually all major industries. Boston, MA outsidegc.com Joined ...
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Outside GC (Legal services in Boston, Massachusetts)

  • Located in : 501 Boylston
  • Address : 501 Boylston St 10th floor, Boston, MA 02116
  • Phone : (617) 737-5000

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