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About Wellable

Wellable is a holistic wellness provider based in Boston that offers organizations the tools to create engaging employee well-being programs.

The Wellable platform helps build wellness initiatives, improve the employee experience and transform workplace culture. Wellable's services include customizable wellness solutions that are tailored to clients' different needs and goals. The company's app allows users to track and collect points for workouts, healthy habits and company events, track their progress and participate in challenges. Despite some technical difficulties with the mobile app, users can still access their accounts through the web platform. Wellable emphasises the importance of supporting employees on their health journey through balanced wellness programs that are tailored to different goals and lifestyles.

Industry: Finance > Insurance

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Company Attribute Value
Address 38 Chauncy St 11th Floor, Boston, MA, United States, Massachusetts
Email [email protected]
Founder Nick Patel Ryan Spurgin Ryan Spurgin
Founding Date 2013
Image Wellable
Logo Wellable
Name Wellable
Number Of Employees 11-50 employees 64 associated members
Revenue $50 Million
Telephone +1 617-329-9399
Url wellable
Golden golden
Twitter twitter
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Boston, US
14 Jul 2024

Boston, US
14 Jul 2024


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Wellable: Employee Wellness Programs and Health Content
Wellable's wellness platform helps organizations build engaging employee wellness programs, elevate employee experience, and transform cultures.
Working at Wellable
Wellable is an employee wellness and engagement company headquartered in Boston that helps companies thrive by providing them with the resources to build a ...
Wellable | Boston MA
Employee wellness begins with employee experience. Wellable helps organizations create wellness experiences that make employees want to show up for work.
https://wellfound.com › company › wellable
Wellable Careers
The Wellable platform makes it easy for employees to track their healthy behavior, earn rewards, and compete in fun and friendly competitions.
Wellable on the App Store
Wellable is your organization's wellness partner in supporting you on your journey towards holistic well-being. With the Wellable app, you can access all ...
Wellable is a holistic wellness provider that enables and empowers organizations to create engaging and effective wellness programs. Its ...
Wellable | Boston MA
quality healthcare, clean air, and basic necessities. Let's keep the conversation going and advocate for a world where health is truly a right for all. Promote
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Wellable (Wellness program in Boston, Massachusetts)

  • Address : 38 Chauncy St 10th Floor, Boston, MA 02111
  • Phone : (617) 765-7816

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