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L!VE is a prominent event production company that has been in operation for close to 50 years, producing over 50,000 events and serving 11,000 brands.

L!VE specialize in the production of live, virtual and hybrid events that engage millions of participants and are expertly supported by creative and technical production hours. L!VE focuses on creating exceptional brand experiences through multimedia environments such as events, videos and staged performances to create memorable and engaging moments for their clients. L!VE's vision is to create a more unified world through human relationships, emphasizing collaboration, empathy, gratitude and curiosity when working with customers. The company is known for its reliability and commitment to exceptional brand representations and experiences.

Industry: Food & Drink > Beverages > Alcoholic Beverages

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Address 3445 Millennium Court Columbus, Ohio 43219
Email [email protected]
Logo LVE
Name LVE
Telephone (800) 83-STAGE (614) 665-1662
Url gowithlive
Facebook facebook
Google google
Instagram instagram
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Columbus, US
15 Mar 2024

Columbus, US
15 Mar 2024


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