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Equilibar is a manufacturer that specializes in fluid control products for demanding applications in pressure, flow, and vacuum control.

Equilibar, LLC, headquartered in Fletcher, North Carolina, specializes in advanced fluid control products, such as back pressure regulators, vacuum regulators, electronic pressure regulators, and specialty valves for a wide range of industries, including oil and gas, biopharma, aerospace, and more.

Industry: Business & Industrial > Industrial Materials & Equipment

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Address 320 Rutledge Rd. Fletcher, North Carolina 28732 United States
Email [email protected]
Founding Date 2007
Logo Equilibar
Name Equilibar
Number Of Employees 11-50 employees 34 associated members
Parent Organization Richards Industries Inc.
Telephone +1-828-276-2071
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Equilibar equilibar
Equilibar equilibar
Equilibar equilibar
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Fletcher, US
1 Jul 2024

Fletcher, US
1 Jul 2024


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Equilibar is a manufacturer specializing in fluid control products for demanding applications in pressure, flow and vacuum control.
https://www.pressurecontrolsolutions.com › products
Equilibar® Back Pressure Regulators - Overview
Equilibar's unique dome-loaded and multi-orifice back pressure regulators work by a remarkable force balance on a flexible diaphragm between three different ...
Equilibar offers revolutionary fluid control for the most challenging applications in research, biotech, and industry. Our engineers have expertise in ...
https://www.richardsind.com › brand › equilibar
Equilibar, recently acquired by Richards Industrials, provides innovative pressure control technology for the most challenging applications in the world.
https://www.pressurecontrolsolutions.com › About us
Our supplier Equilibar is located in Fletcher, USA. Equilibar manufactures precision control valves, that are suitable for the most sophisticated and demanding ...
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Equilibar (Manufacturer in Buncombe County, North Carolina)

  • Address : 320 Rutledge Rd, Fletcher, NC 28732
  • Phone : (828) 650-6590

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