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WellSteps is a provider of evidence-based employee wellness solutions that focus on empowering employees for lasting behavior change.

WellSteps helps employees improve their health through evidence-based wellness programs that focus on behavior change interventions, health coaching, fitness, nutrition, weight loss programs, social support and fun wellness challenges. The company offers a mobile app, available on both the App Store and Google Play, that allows users to participate in workplace wellness programs, complete reward promotions, take personal health assessments and engage in behavior change campaigns. These programs are designed to improve employee health by integrating activities that promote healthy behaviors, reduce health risks and lower healthcare costs.

Industry: Business & Industrial

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Address Mapleton, Utah, United States
Email [email protected]
Founding Date 2007
Logo WellSteps
Name WellSteps
Number Of Employees 11-50 employees 27 associated members
Revenue $5.1 Million
Telephone +1 801-477-5447
Url wellsteps
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Mapleton, US
14 Jul 2024

Mapleton, US
14 Jul 2024


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WellSteps | Corporate Wellness
Designed to empower individuals on their wellness journey, our app provides a seamless and personalized experience. From tracking your progress to accessing a ...
https://slco.org › healthy-lifestyles › programs › wellsteps
WellSteps - Healthy Lifestyles
My Tracker allows Healthy Lifestyles participants to create personal goals and track progress. Track active minutes, vegetable intake and other goals on your ...
What We Do WellSteps worksite wellness programs improve employee health, lower health risks, and reduce employee health care costs.
WellSteps on the App Store
Use this app to enter reward activities, complete the personal health assessment, and participate in behavior change campaigns. This app integrates with the ...
WellSteps, Mapleton, UT. 604 likes · 5 talking about this. WellSteps is a worksite wellness solution that improves employee health, morale and productivity.
WellSteps - Apps on Google Play
Wellstep app let users participate in the WellSteps worksite wellness programs.
WellSteps provides employee wellness solutions that improve employee health and productivity.
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  • Phone : (801) 477-5447

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