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3Q Digital, Inc. is a company that provides services such as SEM, SEO, Social Advertising, Display, Mobile, Analytics, CRO, Creative, and Business Strategy. 3Q Digital, Inc. develops strategies that enable our clients to capitalize on opportunities, overcome barriers to growth, and be leaders in their respective fields.

3Q Digital, Inc. Offers End-To-End Digital Service To Start Fueling Your Funnel: 3Q Digital, Inc. is your one-stop shop, from planning and analysis to delivery and management. With 3Q Digital, Inc.'s comprehensive digital marketing capabilities, 3Q Digital, Inc. can challenge and expand your current model through customer acquisition and brand amplification, or attack untapped audience segments to sustain industry leadership. 3Q Digital, Inc. offers three different end-to-end digital programs tailored to your exact needs.

The Acquire program combines digital media channel management with best-in-class testing and optimization techniques. Performance marketing is table stakes; long-term growth requires a more strategic expansion into the full digital funnel. The Amplify program extends your reach across the entire customer journey with techniques based on advanced analytics, results-driven creative and customer research to help you overcome barriers and fuel sustainable growth. The Attack program offers a full-funnel media strategy that uncovers and targets new, winnable audiences and delivers insights.

3Q Digital, Inc. Unlocking Full Growth Potential Of Businesses: 3Q Digital, Inc. provides a comprehensive analysis of optimization and performance acceleration strategies to ensure you maximize growth from your current media investments. As part of 3Q Digital, Inc.'s Strategic Advisory solution, 3Q Digital, Inc. offer two programs to fit the level of support you need. 3Q Digital, Inc.'s Devise program delivers elite channel understanding that unlocks latent performance models in current campaigns to capitalize on growth. 3Q Digital, Inc.'s Dominate program provides analysis of your digital marketing mix against competitors and best-in-class advertisers, as well as comprehensive, cross-discipline recommendations to help you get to the next level.

3Q Digital, Inc.’s Founding and Headquarters: 3Q Digital, Inc. was founded in 2008 by David Rodnitzky and Will Lin. On April 21, 2022, Dept acquired 3Q Digital, Inc., and renamed it 3Q/DEPT. 3Q Digital, Inc. is currently headquartered in Chicago, IL, USA.

Industry: Computers & Electronics

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3q Digital


New York City, US
17 Feb 2024

New York City, US
17 Feb 2024

3q Digital

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3Q Digital
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