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A Beckham Law


New York City, US
3 Apr 2024

New York City, US
3 Apr 2024

A Beckham Law

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https://en.wikipedia.org › wiki › Beckham_law
Beckham law
The "Beckham law" (Spanish: ley Beckham; Royal Decree 687/2005) is a Spanish tax decree passed in June 2005. ... The law gained its nickname after the footballer ...
https://www.deel.com › blog › beckhams-law
Beckham Law in Spain: Definition & Application Process ...
Feb 9, 2023 — The Beckham Law allows ex-pats to pay taxes on their Spanish-sourced income as non-resident taxpayers at a fixed flat rate. Paying non-resident ...
https://support.oysterhr.com › en-us › articles › 101240...
What is Beckham's Law in Spain? - Oyster Help Center
Beckham Law refers to a special reduced tax regime that benefits foreign workers in Spain. It aims to benefit non-residents with an IRPF (Impuesto de Renta ...
https://balcellsgroup.com › Impuestos
Beckham Law in Spain: How to Save Taxes as a Foreigner
The Beckham law in Spain is a special tax regime that enables foreigners who move to the Spanish territory to pay a flat fee of 24% only on the incomes they ...
https://support.remote.com › en-us › articles › 8065266...
What is the Beckham Law
Nov 14, 2023 — The Beckham Law or Régimen Especial para Trabajadores Desplazados is a special tax regime, that benefits individuals obtaining Spanish...
https://www.lawants.com › Home › What’s New
Beckham Law in Spain: Guide for 2024
Feb 8, 2024 — One of the most salient features of the Beckham Law is its focus on taxation of Spanish-sourced income, to the exclusion of worldwide income.
Everything you need to know about Beckham Law in Spain
Feb 20, 2024 — The "Beckham Law," named after the famous English footballer David Beckham, is one of Spain's most discussed tax regulations. Instituted to ...
https://marfourlaw.com › beckham-tax-law
Beckham Tax Law - English Speaking Lawyers in Spain
The Beckham Law, known as the “Régimen Especial de Trabajadores Desplazados,” is a special tax regime for expatriates or displaced workers. It was approved in ...
https://brighttax.com › Resource Center › Expat Lifestyle
Beckham Law in Spain & How It Affects US Expats
Mar 20, 2024 — The Beckham Law refers to the Spanish Royal Decree-Law 687/2005, a favorable tax program for foreign workers in Spain. The colloquial name—the ...
https://www.cinc.com › Inici › News
Beckham Law: the advantageous tax regime for digital ...
Feb 12, 2024 — The “Beckham Law” refers to the special tax regime applicable to foreign workers posted to work or telework from Spain.
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Beckham law

The "Beckham law" is a Spanish tax decree passed in June 2005. The law gained its nickname after the footballer David Beckham became one of the first foreigners to take advantage of it. However, the law is aimed at all foreign workers living in Spain.


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