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Artsy Geek is a brand identity and integrated marketing studio company offering you stellar design work without sticker shock prices. The company specializes in brand creation, graphic design, corporate identity, content marketing and social media services.

Artsy Geek Combines Art and Geek Together To Produce Cutting-Edge Results: The company is a web designer that launches businesses and transforms brands with stunning visual identities and enchanting brand stories that speak to your audience in their language.

Artsy Geek dives in to find what makes your business magical, learning as much as we can about you to capture the color, shape, and personality of your services. Client Satisfaction is Artsy Geek’s Goal: There’s nothing we love more than hearing our clients say, “I love it!” This tells us we’ve captured your essence, bottled it successfully, and packaged it in a way your audience will also love. Our goal is to give you this level of satisfaction with everything we create.

Artsy Geek was Established in 2010: Artsy Geek Founder Jen Heller has been turning ‘meh’ into magic since the earliest days of the internet, building and selling her first website in high school and honing her skills in college. After an early career in nonprofit work, Jen realized she was an entrepreneur at heart. She’s leveraged her wealth of experience to help small businesses and organizations sparkle ever since.

Industry: Arts & Entertainment > Visual Art & Design > Design

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Artsy Geek


New York City, US
17 Feb 2024

New York City, US
17 Feb 2024

Artsy Geek

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