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Brenton Way is a digital marketing agency that uses data and user behaviour to drive traffic. Brenton Way offers clients extensive platforms, converting anonymous visitors and understanding their user behaviour while providing inbound strategies.

Brand Identity: Brenton Way helps create your brand collateral which can be shared with anyone who works on your brand. Brenton Way uses social algorithms to listen into what people are saying about your competitors and thought-leaders who live within your ecosystem.

Brand Optimization: Brenton Way analyses user experiences across your website by running analytics, heatmapping, and key goals to get a clear picture of their behaviour then makes changes to the user experience based on that data.

Industries: Brenton Way works with the following industries such as beauty, crypto, NFT, Ecommerce, consumer goods, gaming and e-sports, fine jewelry, health, fitness, Saas, cannabis, dental, and law.

Founding: Brenton Way was founded in 2017. They are based in Woodland Hills, California.

Industry: Business & Industrial > Business Services

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Brenton Way


New York City, US
9 Feb 2024

New York City, US
9 Feb 2024

Brenton Way

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Brenton Way
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Brenton Way (Internet marketing service in New York)
  • Located in : Madison Square Park
  • Address : 41 Madison Ave, New York, NY 10010
  • Phone : (310) 694-0919

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