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About BusinessIdeaInsight

Business Idea Insight is a platform that provides resources for new and aspiring entrepreneurs, offering tools and websites recommended for creating and developing business ideas.

The Business Idea Insight platform also features podcasts, shows and books on business ideas, as well as tools to gather feedback on business ideas, such as Survey Monkey, and Google Surveys. It also offers resources for evaluating business ideas, including the Start-up Idea Matrix, Lean Business Model Canvas and books such as "Strength Finder 2.0" and "Born For This" The platform emphasizes the importance of testing and validating business ideas and gathering feedback from potential customers to determine the viability of an idea. It also emphasizes the importance of being open to adapting and optimizing business ideas based on feedback and market demand. The platform is designed to help individuals develop and launch service-based side businesses to earn a second income. It also offers a wide range of resources for entrepreneurs, including tools for brainstorming, collecting feedback and evaluating ideas. It also emphasizes the importance of passion, market research and adaptability in developing a business idea.

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Founder Mike Nesselbeck
Name BusinessIdeaInsight
Url zenbusiness
Businessideainsight businessideainsight



New York City, US
21 Jun 2024

New York City, US
21 Jun 2024


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