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Calyxt, Inc. is a plant-based biotechnology platform company. The company is focused on research and development, including gene editing, plant breeding, and trait development.

Calyxt, Inc. Leverages its PlantSpring Technology Platform: The company uses the PlantSpring™ technology platform to engineer innovative ingredients and products to help customers meet their sustainability goals and supply chain challenges.

The company operates through the development and commercialization of products derived from plant cells. Its platform provides plant-based synthetic biology solutions to customers across multiple industries. The company has engineered plant metabolism into products including soybeans with improved fatty-acid profiles and alfalfa able to be better digested by livestock. Calyxt, Inc.'s Product Pipeline: Its product pipeline includes hemp, winter oats, and high saturated fat soybeans. Hemp serves a range of varieties of materials science needs, including strengthening plastics and reducing petroleum-based content.

Main Customers of Calyxt, Inc.: The company's customers include seed companies, biotechnology companies, germplasm providers, agricultural processors, and others in the crop’s supply chain and growers.

Calyxt, Inc.’s Mission: Capitalizing on its team and new technologies, the company’s mission is to develop a novel generation of crops that will help develop food products with more health benefits for consumers. Our business philosophy is to focus on developing products and maximizing value through partnerships. Our motto is “Healthier Food for a Better Life”.

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New York City, US
4 Sep 2023

New York City, US
4 Sep 2023


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Calyxt (Biotechnology company in Roseville, Minnesota)
  • Address : 2800 Mount Ridge Rd, Roseville, MN 55113
  • Phone : (651) 683-2807

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