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About Canary and Hedge

Canary and Hedge is an intellectual property law firm based in Atlanta, Georgia that specializes in protecting creatives and independent professionals. They aim to protect their clients' brands and intellectual property from imitation or theft.

The company values user privacy and takes legal requirements seriously. They make every effort to preserve user privacy, but may need to disclose Personally Identifiable Information when required by law or if necessary to protect their rights or the rights of others.

The company's website provides legal information and policies to ensure transparency and compliance with regulations.

In addition to protecting intellectual property, the company also prioritizes IT security and preventing unauthorized access to customer credentials and data.

Industry: Law & Government > Legal

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Company Attribute Value
Address 1201 West Peachtree Street NW Ste. 2300 Atlanta, Georgia 30309
Email [email protected]
Founder Ivy McNeill
Founding Date 2020
Image Canary and Hedge
Logo Canary and Hedge
Name Canary and Hedge
Number Of Employees 15
Revenue $3,013,000 USD
Url canaryandhedge
Linkedin linkedin
Twitter twitter
Facebook facebook
Instagram instagram
Youtube youtube
Zoominfo zoominfo

Canary and Hedge


New York City, US
6 Feb 2024

New York City, US
6 Feb 2024

Canary and Hedge

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Canary and Hedge | An Intellectual Property Law Firm

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