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Evolv Technologies Holdings is a human security company. Evolv Technologies Holdings provides an AI-powered touchless security system that uses digital sensors and artificial intelligence to detect threats.

Evolv Technologies Holdings Provides Revolutionary Security Technologies For Government Agencies And Private Businesses: Evolv Technologies Holdings provides a secure and seamless screening experience that enables venues of all types to protect visitors from concealed weapons, public health threats and intruders. Evolv Express from Evolv Technologies Holdings speeds up physical security screening while ensuring the highest level of accuracy in weapons detection. It eliminates the friction typically experienced by visitors, fans, patrons, employees and students as they pass through security checkpoints by providing non-contact screening. This helps reduce the security risk posed by crowded security gates. It also drastically reduces false alarm rates and human error by security personnel.

Evolv Technologies Holdings' Founding and Headquarters: Evolv Technologies Holdings was founded in 2013 by Anil Chitkara and Michael Ellenbogen. Evolv Technologies Holdings is currently headquartered in Waltham, Massachusetts, USA.

Industry: Business & Industrial

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Evolv Technologies Holdings


New York City, US
17 Feb 2024

New York City, US
17 Feb 2024

Evolv Technologies Holdings

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Evolv Technology (Company)


Evolv Technologies Holdings, Inc. is primarily engaged in developing, manufacturing, marketing and selling security screening products and specific services. The Company is a global artificial intelligence (AI)-based weapons detection for security screening.

  • Stock price : EVLV (NASDAQ) $5.23 -0.18 (-3.33%)Feb 16, 4:00 PM EST - Disclaimer
  • Headquarters : Waltham, MA
  • Founded : 2013

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