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Rafael Holdings, Inc. is a company focused on developing novel cancer and immunotherapies. It has an ownership interest in Rafael Pharmaceuticals and owns the Barer Institute. The company also owns commercial real estate, which it operates as a separate line of business.

Rafael Pharmaceuticals Has CPI-613: Rafael Pharmaceuticals is a late- stage cancer metabolism therapeutics company. Its lead product is CPI -613® (Devimistat), a stable analog of normally transient, acylated lipoate catalytic intermediates. The intermediates CPI -613 interfere with mitochondrial function, thereby decreasing TCA cycle function. CPI -613® (Devimistat) thus disrupts these tumor systems, triggering mitochondrial stress and shutting down the TCA cycle of cancer cells.

Barer’s Pipeline Programs Focus On Areas of Cancer Metabolism: The Barer Institute is an early-stage small molecule research institute established in 2019 to focus on developing a pipeline of novel therapeutic compounds, including compounds to regulate cancer metabolism and potentially other indications appropriate for the assets under development. Barer has assembled a world-renowned team of scientific and medical advisors to help him discover and develop novel therapeutics that target metabolic pathways while inhibiting cancer-promoting immune guardians such as MDSC, Tregs and M2 macrophages that protect the tumor and stimulate or maintain CD8, CTL, NK and M1 macrophages to harness the anti-cancer immune system to fight the tumor. Barer also focuses on nucleotide metabolism to better understand how to stimulate anti-tumor immunity and reduce cancer cell viability.

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Address StreetAddress: 520 Broad St, AddressLocality: Newark, AddressRegion: New Jersey, PostalCode: 7120, AddressCountry: United States
Founding Date 2000
Name Rafael Holdings
Number Of Employees 22
Revenue $5,969,000 USD
Ticker Symbol NYSE: RFL
Url rafaelholdings
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Rafael Holdings


New York City, US
13 Feb 2024

New York City, US
13 Feb 2024

Rafael Holdings

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Rafael Holdings (Company)


  • Subsidiaries : The Barer Institute, LipoMedix Pharmaceutical Inc., MORE
  • Stock price : RFL (NYSE) $1.92 +0.08 (+4.35%)Feb 12, 4:00 PM EST - Disclaimer
  • Founded : 2017
  • Headquarters : Newark, NJ

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