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Address StreetAddress: 41 S Rio Grande St, AddressLocality: Salt Lake City, AddressRegion: Utah, PostalCode: 84101, AddressCountry: United States
Founding Date 2013
Name Recursion Pharmaceuticals
Number Of Employees 450
Revenue $12,949,000 USD
Ticker Symbol NASDAQ: RXRX
Url recursion
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Recursion Pharmaceuticals


New York City, US
7 Jul 2024

New York City, US
7 Jul 2024

Recursion Pharmaceuticals

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Recursion: Pioneering TechBio Solutions in Drug Discovery
Dive into Recursion's innovative approach to decoding biology. Join our mission, explore the future of TechBio, and be part of the revolution.
Public Company. Founded: 2013. Specialties: Pharmaceuticals, Drug Discovery, Rare Diseases, Drug ... Recursion CEO Chris Gibson talks integrating AI into drug ... › quote › RXRX
Recursion Pharmaceuticals, Inc. (RXRX) Stock Price, News ...
Recursion Pharmaceuticals, Inc. operates as a clinical-stage biotechnology company, engages in the decoding biology by integrating technological innovations ...
Recursion (@RecursionPharma) · X › investing › 2024/04/17 › where...
Where Will Recursion Pharmaceuticals Be in 5 Years?
Apr 17, 2024 — Today, Recursion has no products approved for sale. By early 2029, it could have as many as five medicines on the market, marking a relatively ... › organization › recursion...
Recursion Pharmaceuticals
A platform leveraging machine learning for drug discovery, capable of mapping complex biology to identify and rapidly advance potential therapeutics. › quotes › RXRX
RXRX: Recursion Pharmaceuticals Inc - Stock Price, Quote ...
Recursion Pharmaceuticals, Inc. is a clinical-stage TechBio company decoding biology to industrialize drug discovery. Its Recursion Operating System (OS), ...
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Recursion Pharmaceuticals (Biotechnology company)

Recursion Pharmaceuticals, Inc. operates as a clinical-stage biotechnology company, engages in the decoding biology by integrating technological innovations across biology, chemistry, automation, data science, and engineering to industrialize drug discovery.,Recursion%20Pharmaceuticals%2C%20Inc.,engineering%20to%20industrialize%20drug%20discovery.
  • Stock price : RXRX (NASDAQ) $7.32 -0.03 (-0.41%)Jul 5, 4:00 PM EDT - Disclaimer
  • Headquarters : Salt Lake City, UT
  • Date founded : 2013
  • CEO : Christopher Gibson (Nov 2013–)
  • Founders : Christopher Gibson, Blake Borgeson, Dean Li
  • Ipo date : April 16, 2021

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