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Red Cat Holdings, Inc. is a drone hardware and software company. Red Cat, through its four operating subsidiaries, provides drone products, technologies and services to the industry's fastest growing market segments.

Aligning The Industry's Best Hardware, Software and Expertise to Offer Single-Source Drone Solutions to Consumer and Enterprise Customers: Red Cat has a disciplined acquisition strategy that targets companies with advanced product offerings, specialised drone operating platforms and intellectual property. They have brought together the best brands in the industry - Drone Box, Skypersonic, Rotor Riot, Fat Shark and Teal - to provide comprehensive solutions to their customers and value to their shareholders.

Red Cat Holdings Becomes First Commercial Enterprise To Bring Complete Multi-Drone System To Market: Developed by its subsidiary Teal Drones (Teal), and in close cooperation with strategic partner Autonodyne, LLC, the multi-vehicle package will be offered in two configurations: 4-Ship and 4-Ship+. Both configurations will allow a single pilot to simultaneously control up to four of Teal’s Golden Eagle units, which is the first drone mass-produced entirely in the U.S. under strict guidelines from the U.S. Department of Defense.

Red Cat Holdings, Inc.'s Foundation: Red Cat was founded in 2016 by Jeff Thompson and is headquartered in Humacao. Red Cat Holdings, Inc.'s Mission: To make the rapidly growing drone enthusiast market accessible to everyone by providing the best products, services and solutions to overcome barriers to entry.

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Address StreetAddress: 15 Ave. Munoz Rivera Ste 2200, AddressLocality: San Juan, PostalCode: 901, AddressCountry: Puerto Rico
Founding Date 2019
Name Red Cat Holdings
Number Of Employees 14
Revenue $6,994,000 USD
Ticker Symbol OTC: RCAT
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Red Cat Holdings


New York City, US
26 Feb 2024

New York City, US
26 Feb 2024

Red Cat Holdings

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Red Cat Holdings (Corporate office in San Juan, Puerto Rico)
  • Address : 15 Av. Luis Muñoz Rivera STE 2200, San Juan, 00901, Puerto Rico
  • Phone : (833) 373-3228

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