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Wejo is a British connected vehicle data start-up that creates mobility intelligence from connected vehicle data.

Wejo Specialises in Vehicle Data: The company processes billions of data points from thousands of sensors around the world. Wejo analyses this data and makes it accessible to create value for customers and business, enable safer driving, make cities more livable, and provide a better driving experience. Wejo collects and analyses vehicle data from connected cars to help automakers improve their products through data-driven decisions.

Wejo Engages in Cloud and Software Analytics: For connected, electric and autonomous vehicles, the company revolutionises the way people live, work and travel by transforming and interpreting historical and real-time vehicle data. The company enables smart mobility for good, smarter mobility by organising trillions of data points collected from approximately 12 million vehicles and 66.8 billion trips, across brands, makes and models, and then standardising and improving these data streams at scale.

Wejo Investor Relations: The company works with automakers to organise and improve data streams from authentic connected cars and unlock their value for drivers and public and private sector organisations. Wejo partners with ethical, like-minded companies and organisations to transform this data into insights that create value for consumers.

Wejo Was Founded in 2013: The company's founder is entrepreneur Richard Barlow. The headquarters is located in Greater Manchester, England.

Wejo's Mission: Wejo stands for "We Journey." Wejo has a mission to transform connected car data into DataForGood.

Industry: Finance > Investing

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Company Attribute Value
Address StreetAddress: Abc Building 21-23 Quay St, AddressLocality: Manchester, AddressRegion: England, PostalCode: M3 4AE, AddressCountry: United Kingdom
Founding Date 2014
Name Wejo Group
Number Of Employees 253
Revenue $2,829,000 USD
Ticker Symbol NASDAQ: WEJO
Url wejo
Linkedin linkedin
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Wejo Group


New York City, US
4 Jul 2024

New York City, US
4 Jul 2024

Wejo Group

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Wejo (Company)


Wejo Group Ltd was a British connected vehicle data start-up founded by entrepreneur Richard Barlow, headquartered in Greater Manchester, England.

  • Stock price : WEJOF (OTCMKTS) $0.00 0.00 (0.00%)Jun 24, 3:10 PM EDT - Disclaimer
  • Subsidiaries : Wejo Inc., Wejo EU France, Wejo Limited, Wejo Bermuda Limited, Wejo Japan KK, Carjojo Corp.
  • Revenue : 8.4 million USD (2022)
  • Founded : 2013

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