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TuSimple Holdings Inc., is a global autonomous driving company developing autonomous technology specifically designed for semi-trucks in the United States and internationally.

TuSimple Holdings, Inc. is an American autonomous trucking company, based in San Diego, California, with offices in Arizona, Texas, and China. It was founded in 2015 by Xiaodi Hou and Mo Chen.

History. TuSimple was founded in September 2015 by Mo Chen and Dr Xiaodi Hou, who graduated from the California Institute of Technology. The company initially operated in two facilities: one in Beijing, China and one in San Diego, California.

Partnerships. In August 2019, UPS announced its purchase of a minority share in TuSimple and that it has been performing tests on a 100 mile stretch of highway in Arizona.[3]

In early 2020, TuSimple announced a partnership with automotive supplier ZF to assist in the mass production and commercialization of autonomous vehicles. As part of the deal, ZF aided in the development of sensors for autonomous vehicles systems. TuSimple's Chief Product Officer Chuck Price stated that the partnership is "an important milestone to bringing their autonomous vehicles to market".

In July 2020, TuSimple and the freight truck manufacturer Navistar International Corp. formed a partnership, intending to integrate autonomous systems into their freighters.[5] Sale of these fully self-driving trucks was targeted for 2025, but the partnership was mutually dissolved in December 2022.

In September 2020, TuSimple announced that it reached an agreement with Traton Group, a commercial truck manufacturer based in Germany, to jointly develop trucks with autonomous technology. Traton Group aimed to begin testing heavy duty autonomous vehicles in Germany and Sweden, but they did not provide a timeline for this goal.

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San Diego, US
20 Feb 2024

San Diego, US
20 Feb 2024


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TuSimple (Company)


TuSimple Holdings, Inc. is a Chinese autonomous trucking company, based in San Diego, California, with offices in Arizona, Texas, and China. It was founded in 2015 by Xiaodi Hou and Mo Chen. In December 2023, the company announced that it would be closing its U.S. business and moving to China.

  • Stock price : TSPH (OTCMKTS) $0.58 +0.10 (+20.42%)Feb 16, 4:00 PM EST - Disclaimer
  • CEO : Cheng Lu (Nov 10, 2022–)
  • Founders : Xiaodi Hou, Mo Chen
  • Headquarters : California
  • President : Xiaodi Hou
  • Founded : 2015

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