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About Virtudesk

Virtudesk is a platform that offers virtual assistant services, connecting clients with well-trained and versatile virtual assistants who specialize in various tasks such as admin support, marketing, prospecting, and transaction coordination

Virtudesk offers a cost-effective approach for teams and entrepreneurs to delegate non-core tasks, effectively manage project schedules and avoid burnout. Virtudesk virtual assistants are highly trained in the common tools of their speciality or target industry, so they can easily adapt to clients' systems and learn the specific tools needed by the business. Virtudesk targets entrepreneurs, freelancers, business owners, investors, brokers and agents in the property industry and offers services such as acquisition, lead nurturing, administrative support, marketing and coordination of property transactions. The company assigns dedicated assistants to its clients as needed, enabling effective communication and task delegation to build a strong working relationship. In addition, Virtudesk offers customized packages tailored to the client's specific needs when the standard plans do not meet the requirements.

Industry: Business & Industrial > Business Services > Office Services

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Address Bellevue, Washington
Founder Pavel G. Stepanov
Founding Date 2016
Logo Virtudesk
Name Virtudesk
Number Of Employees 501-1,000 employees 91 associated members
Telephone (360) 334-6464
Url myvirtudesk
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Seattle, US
16 Mar 2024

Seattle, US
16 Mar 2024


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Virtudesk (4.9378 Google reviews Business administration service in Bellevue, Washington)

  • Located in : Belle-View Office Park
  • Address : 325 118th Ave SE #200, Bellevue, WA 98005
  • Phone : (800) 470-8136

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